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Au Club Alpin

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ARTIC CHAR / Glazed Chablais artic char, pattison squash, tagete CHF 35.-


PORK / Glazed belly, romaine lettuce, lovage CHF 35.-


EGG / Poached egg, mushroom and hazelnut CHF 28.-


CAULIFLOWER / Cauliflower flavourded with basil CHF 28.-




LOË PERCH / Roasted Loë perch, potatoes, meuniere sabayon CHF 48.-


RISOTTO / Truffle risotto and leek with lemon thyme CHF 58.-


MATURED BEEF / Roasted prime rib, confit belly, squash and chive CHF 58.-


POULTRY / In two ways: stuffed fillet with rosemary, glazed leg in BBQ, smoked broccoli CHF 55.-




PLUM / Plum, vanilla and rose CHF 25.-


RASPBERRY / Raspberry, lovage and white chocolate CHF 25.-


APPLE / Gala apple, Mund saffron, Sichuan pepper CHF 25.-


Cheese trolley   CHF 18.-


Provenance of the meat: Switzerland
Provenance of the fish: Switzerland

Because we care about our region, our restaurant is labeled Grand Entremont. 

In case of allergies, intolerences or special requests, do not hesitate to ask us.



Au Club Alpin

This experience is made for lovers of fine cuisine. Our chef Mariano Buda works with products from the region and sublimate them with his passion for aesthetics and the highlighting of subtle flavour.

Au Club Alpin

Au Club Alpin has been designed to offer its clients maximum relaxation. In fact, with a capacity of only 16 people, you can enjoy a very pleasant mountain tranquillity.

Au Club Alpin

You haven't booked a room with us but you dream of coming to relax in our Spa ?  ​We offer "Day Spa" packages that combine access to our Wellness area with a menu " L'Échappée " or a breakfast from our restaurant Au 1465".

Au Club Alpin

Embark on our "Spritz" boat for a trip on the lake of Champex while sipping a cocktail.

Au Club Alpin

Discover our brand new and unique "Fondue at the small chalet" experience



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