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Au Club Alpin





50 - 80 minutes

Relax with this massage that releases tension caused by stress, and is intensely soothing. Deeply regenerating and holistic, it uses different blends of essential oils that will delight the senses with their intense scents.

CHF 150.- / CHF 210.-


50 - 80 minutes

Deep muscle massage that combines stretching and kneading. Ideal before of after physical effort to regain strength and energy.
CHF 170.- / CHF 230.-

CANDLE MASSAGE by Pure Altitude

50 - 80 minutes

Candle massage* treatment with «Snow Flowers» fragrance, the olfactory signature of the Pure Altitude range. Ultra-repairing and innovative, this treatment deeply nourishes the skin and wraps the body in soft warmth.
CHF 155.- / CHF 215.-

*Please book at least 1h30 in advance

STONE THERAPY by Pure Altitude

80 minutes

Massage treatment combining manual manoeuvres with hot oil and Basalt stone modelling. Provides deep nervous and muscular realxation, reinforced by the heat of the pebbles.

CHF 220.-


50 minutes

Considered as an effective alternative medicine, foot reflexology allows to localize the realeasing of body tensions and other physical ailments.
CHF 130.-


From 3 months of pregnancy until delivery
50 minutes

Designed to regenerate and relax before of after pregnancy, this gentle massage is able to relieve body discomfort and soothe tense or tired muscles. It will improve circulation and overall tone. Thanks to elastic properties of natural oils, this massage restores the elasticity of the skin, preventing and ameliorating stretch marks.

CHF 150.-



50 minutes

Alternating gentle and sustained movements, this relaxing massage of the back, shoulders, neckline, face and scalp relieves stress, reduces headaches and lowers blood pressure.
CHF 130.-



Au Club Alpin

This experience is made for lovers of fine cuisine. Our chef Mariano Buda works with products from the region and sublimate them with his passion for aesthetics and the highlighting of subtle flavour.

Au Club Alpin

Au Club Alpin has been designed to offer its clients maximum relaxation. In fact, with a capacity of only 16 people, you can enjoy a very pleasant mountain tranquillity.

Au Club Alpin

You haven't booked a room with us but you dream of coming to relax in our Spa ?  ​We offer "Day Spa" packages that combine access to our Wellness area with a menu " L'Échappée " or a breakfast from our restaurant Au 1465".

Au Club Alpin

Embark on our "Spritz" boat for a trip on the lake of Champex while sipping a cocktail.

Au Club Alpin

Discover our brand new and unique "Fondue at the small chalet" experience



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